2017 – 2018 Competition Schedule

2017 – 2018  CAPA & Other Competitions                                     

CVCC Entry Deadlines (DL)                   CVCC Judging Dates

See CAPA Competition Eligibility Criteria:  https://capacanada.ca/capa-competitions/capa-eligibility-criteria/



 30 October 2017 Fall Nature Club Competition   Richmond Hill CC    See Nature Criteria:                                                                                                                                                                            https://capacanada.ca/nature/ 

30 October 2017 Fall Fine Art Club Competition Crescent Beach PC  See Fine Art Criteria:                                                                                                                              https://capacanada.ca/fine-art/                         

30 October 2017 Fall Print                                    Red River Exhibition    See Open Print Criteria:                                                                                                        https://capacanada.ca/print/

CVCC DL  Midnight Sun. Oct. 15th, 2017                  CVCC Judge 7PM Wed. Oct. 18th, 2017


12 November  2017 Celebration of Nature    Lion’s Gate PS   Entry Criteria posted separately

CVCC DL Midnight Sun. Oct. 22nd, 2017                 CVCC Judge 7PM Thurs. Oct. 26th,2017


30 November 2017 Photo Journalism            CAPA                See Photo Journalism Criteria:                                                                                                                                                             https://capacanada.ca/photo-journalism/                                       CVCC DL Midnight Sun. Nov.19th, 2017             CVCC  Judge 7PM  Wed. Nov.22nd, 2017



30 January 2018 – Winter Black & White      Victoria CC           See Black & White Criteria:                                                                                                                                                https://capacanada.ca/monochrome/                                        CVCC DL Midnight Sat. Jan.20th, 2018                   CVCC Judge 7PM Thurs. Jan.25th, 2018


28 February 2018 Creative Altered Reality     Crescent Beach PC   See Altered Reality Criteria:                                                                                                                             https://capacanada.ca/altered-reality-manipulation/                                          CVCC DL Midnight Sat. Feb.17th, 2018                 CVCC Judge 7PM Thurs. Feb.22nd, 2018     



 31 March 2018 Spring Open                   Jiahua Elite PA                See Spring Digital Open Criteria:                                                                                                                                            https://capacanada.ca/open-digital-theme/                                         CVCC DL Midnight Sun.Mar.25th, 2018                   CVCC Judge 7PM Thurs. Mar. 29th 2018


30 April 2018 Spring Close-up Competition      CAPA                  See Close-up Criteria:                                                                                                                                                          https://capacanada.ca/open-macro/                                           CVCC DL Midnight Sun. Apr.22nd, 2018                CVCC Judge 7PM Thurs. Apr.26th, 2018


Dates to be Announced:

North Shore Challenge

Pacific Zone Print