The Club meets 3 times a month (2nd Tuesday, 3rd Wednesday and 4th Thursday, September through June, with the exception of December which only meets on the second Tuesday. The 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday Meetings consist of about 20 to 30 minutes of Club business as needed (up-coming events, committee reports, et cetera). Followed by an evening Presentation with a short intermission, and social. Our Tuesday meeting also features our monthly Evening Favourites competition. The 3rd Wednesday Tech Nights are the education component of the three meetings.
Presentations are made by respected photographers, including Club members, and industry professionals alike. We try to vary the subject matter, and level of the presentations to take into consideration the level of photographic experience within the club, so as to meet the interests of all club members. Your suggestions for future presentations, or guest speakers are welcome, and greatly appreciated. Please forward any suggestions to the Presentations Chairperson.

Field trip

The CVCC Field Trip Program is open to all club members and provides opportunities for individuals to develop photographic skills through hands-on, onsite photography at varied locations around Vancouver Island. Our Field trips are offered approximately once a week, usually on alternating Saturdays and Sundays. Participants will benefit from the discovery of new accessible areas, the fellowship of others, and most of all from the sharing of photographic knowledge. Many of their photos can be viewed on the CVCC PBase display area. Images displayed throughout these Field Trip Pages were all taken on location and are displayed courtesy of CVCC members. Thank You

The club offers a "Mentor" program in conjunction with the Field Trips. This program is intended to pair a member who is interested in gaining experience with either photo technique or in better understanding their equipment with a member who is more experienced, and is willing to pass on thier knowledge.

Effective immediately the following rule re posting photos to p-base field trips is in effect:

Any photo taken at the site between 12:01am Friday to 11:59pm Monday of the weekend of the scheduled field trip will be eligible for posting to the p-Base field trips.


From time to time throughout the year, the Exhibitions Committee arranges for a display of CVCC members' photographs to be hung at appropriate public locations.


Every year the Cowichan Valley Camera Club participates in a number of external photo competitions.

CAPA - Canadian Association for Photographic Arts

CVCC members are invited to submit images to the Competitions Committee for consideration to be entered on behalf of the club to each of these competitions throughout the year. Details of each competition will be posted on this web site as they become available.

The Cowichan Valley Camera Club is a member of CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Arts). CAPA is a national association operating as a parent organization to approximately 120 Camera Clubs across Canada. In addition, individual photographers may also join CAPA to take advantage of the many benefits offered. These benefits include: Competitions, Workshops, Exhibitions, Individual Photo Galleries, the "Canadian Camera Magazine", On-Line information, and a Forum.

CAPA conducts a number of "nature", "themed" as well as "open" competitions in both digital and print formats each year, judged by member clubs. Separate club and individual competitions are offered in each category. Our club enters up to 6 digital images and 6 print images in competitions offered each year, based upon the level of interest and participation of the membership.

Very basic entry info is available on the secure CVCC site.

Please register on the CAPA website.

It's free and you will have access to info on the CAPA website.

For current, detailed competition information be sure to check the following resources frequently: 

1) CAPA Competition Guide frequently for entry criteria, rules, and specific explanations/information for each competition. Examples of images from previous competitions can be viewed in the Galleries – competitions                                                                                             

2) Nature/ Wildlife Competitions - Nature versus Wildlife Check List

3) Quick Reference Nature Definition by the Australian Photographic Society Interpretation of FIAP                                                                                                   

Check “CVCC and CAPA” at the bottom of this page for the CVCC Competition Schedule

If you have questions or need help contact Rachel Penney.

Facilitator for CAPA Club competitions is Rachel Penney

Celebration of Nature - Lions Gate Camera Club

CVCC will again participate in the 2016 Lions Gate Camera Club annual "Celebration of Nature" photo competition. Club members are asked to submit appropriate images for consideration. From these submissions, the Competitions Committee will select the images to be entered on behalf of the club for this competition.

Updates for 2016 digital specifications required for this year's "Celebration of Nature"
Note specifically:
how an image will qualify as nature photography / how to resize your image to conform to requirements

Please follow the guidelines and submit your entries to the Facilitator - Ed Wiebe

North Shore Challenge - North Shore Photographic Society

Cowichan Exhibition Photography Competition - Cowichan Exhibition

Willie Harvie recently stepped up to chair the photography division of the Cowichan Exhibition.  In conjunction with the Exhibition, the CVCC also operates a slide show and information booth.  Club members are encouraged to participate in the photo competition and/or staff the booth.  For further information contact Willie Harvie.

Evening Favourites

CVCC conducts a friendly print competition at our Tuesday meeting each month. The Evening Favourites committee provides themes for each month (these are listed below). Members bring an 8" X 10" print representing their interpretation of the monthly theme. All members in attendance view the entered prints and vote for their favourites. These votes are tallied, and the results are presented. Members each pick up their prints and comment on the merits of the entry and often discuss the camera settings used when taking the image. The top three placings plus ties are reproduced for the coming month on the Home page of this web site. An archive of past winners is maintained on the club PBase Evening Favourites gallery.

Entries must have the following information clearly printed on the back of the print:

  • name of the photographer
  • title for the image
  • an arrow to indicate this side up to display

For details on the monthly themes please check the CVCC calendar,


CVCC maintains a large image library on PBase, a photo sharing website on the internet. All the images have been provided by club members (both present and past). The images are divided into numerous categories as defined by the club from time to time. Each of these categories is presented in a hierarchy of Galleries. The Home CVCC PBase page can be reached here.

Photos taken by club members while participating in club activities are archived in a series of galleries created by the PBase Administrator.

To post or edit pictures in any gallery, you must be logged onto the CVCC Account. The Login ID and Password as well detail instructs for resizing and posting pictures to any PBase Gallery are available in the Secure area of this website. Look under Activities/PBase on the menu bar.

NOTE: Please check the information at the top of each of the respective galleries for posting details, they vary from gallery to gallery.

The individual galleries can be accessed directly through the links under the Galleries heading on the menu bar.

The galleries currently available for displaying pictures are:

  • CVCC Field Trip Galleries - A separate gallery is maintained for each club field trip taken throughout the year. Field Trips from prior years are consolidated into an Archive Field Trip Gallery.
  • Photos of the Month Galleries - Members are encouraged to post their most memorable shots of the month.  The galleries for the most recent 6 month period are available for posting.  A separate Photos of the Month Archive Gallery is maintained for older Photos of the Month.  
  • CVCC PBase Challenges - The CVCC PBase Gallery Administration Chairperson creates several photographic challenges each year. In the past such challenges have included such themes as: "Photo Tag... You're It"; "Leading Lines"; "Signs"; "Five of Four"; an annual "Scavenger Hunt" and many others. Separate Challenge Galleries are maintained to display members interpretation of these Challenges.
  • CVCC Themed Galleries - A themed gallery is not a challenge, it is an opportunity to work on specific photographic skills for a longer time period than a challenge allows. Multiple galleries are open for posting members pictures. In addition there is an Archive Gallery for past Themed Galleries which are now closed.
  • Evening Favourites Galleries - The winning photos from the monthly Evening Favourites print competition are posted by the webmaster in a series of galleries.
  • London Drugs Competition Gallery - The winning photos from the bi-monthly print competition. Winners receive a mounted enlargement of their photo, suitable for hanging.
  • Competitions Galleries - Members' photos selected by the club to be entered in external competitions offered by CAPA and as well as other organizations are displayed in separate galleries for each competition.
  • CVCC Member's Galleries - Members pictures posted to any of the other PBase Galleries are collected, and displayed in a separate gallery for each member. This collating is done by the PBase Administrator. Members are asked to not post directly to these galleries.
  • CVCC Meetings and Events Gallery - Pictures taken at specific club events, meetings and Tech Nights. 
  • CVCC Mugshots - Informal pictures of CVCC Club members. The PBase Administrator post pictures to this gallery. This gallery is not publicly viewable, members must be logged in to the CVCC PBase account to view the gallery.