I am new to the club and to the Cowichan Valley.  I have been doing photography for a couple of years now.  I started out by using my sons Nikon for almost a year until my husband bought me my own camera.  I love getting out in nature and taking in the sights and sounds and I recently started doing family and portraits.

Past President Bob Parkinson


Bob became interested in photography in his pre teens and built his own dark room in the root cellar of his parents home. He delivered newspapers and spent the money he earned on a box camera, enlarger and all the necessary dark room equipment so he could develop, enlarge and otherwise play with the kodak black and white 120 and 620 film of the day. read the full bio ...


Member of CVCC since January 2007 with no photography experience.
Served as: President; Vice Pres; Field Trip Chair; Display Chair; Coffee Chair 


Leah has been a member of the club for 6 years. 
She has always enjoyed taking pictures but once she joined the Camera Club it opened her eyes to different techniques and processing. 
She loves taking pictures of nature but  mostly enjoys shots of vibrant and colourful  flowers. 
Leah Jansen
1010 Wharncliffe Rd,
Duncan, BC   V9L 2K7

250 732 2647

mail-1454735_640Patricia is one of the founding members of the CVCC. Her photography interests are mostly in nature - scenery, the seasons, plants, patterns, abstraction and architecture. In her role as Chairperson of the Presentations Committee Trish is responsible for developing the educational program for the club throughout the year. 

Founding Members John Sargeant

John Sargeant is a life member and one of three remaining founding members of the Cowichan Valley Camera Club. John first started in photography in 1936.

Founding Members Denny Wagg

Denny Wagg is also a life member and one of three remaining founding members of the Cowichan Valley Camera Club.

Committee Chairs

mail-1454735_640As Chairperson of the club PBase Galleries, Nancy administers a multitude of photo galleries for various club activities as  well as organizing and administering periodic photo challenges for members.

I have had an interest in photography since I was a child. My father bought me a Kodak instamatic and from there I had a 35 mm “automatic” camera. In 1985, my parents gave me a Pentax K 1000 camera which I used exclusively until I bought my Canon Rebel XT SLR in 2003. I then used both cameras over the years. After joining the camera club in 2015, I purchased my full frame camera and a Canon 80D. I still have my Pentax and Rebel and I use them when I do not want to take the expensive cameras with me. I enjoy doing landscape, nature, long exposure and macro/close up photography. When I travel I enjoy capturing historical sites.

mail-1454735_640Rachel assumes the role of Committee Chairperson for Competions as well as continuing as Facilitator for the CAPA Competitions. Working with Rachel are Facilitators: Ed Wiebe - (North Shore Challenge & Celebration of Nature)

mail-1454735_640North Shore Challenge / Celebration of Nature Competitions



mail-1454735_640Wilma is assuming responsibility for Evening Favourites where she has been assisting for several years. Wilma and her committee are responsible for establishing the themes, and running the monthly Evening Favourites competition.

Greeter Lana McQueen

Lana Is the first person you see as you arrive at a club meeting. She takes attendance, and answers any questions you have either herself, or by directing you to someone else in the club who can answer your question.


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Tech Nites

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mail-1454735_640Volunteer WebMaster since Summer 2016
JoeRos - Art & Photography


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Victoria BC, V9B 0J8

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